Through years of continuous investments into R&D, Anji Microelectronics has developed a series of core technologies

with independent intellectual property rights which are widely adopted in Anji’s mass production process.

R&D Support and Achievements

  • 50.43%

    Percentage of R&D staff
    in the company

  • 276

    Authorized invention patents in
    China and abroad

  • 337

    Invention patents filed
    in China and abroad


Anji Microelectronics has accelerated the establishment of core raw materials supply capacity to optimize product performance and cost structure, enhance the competitiveness of existing products, support research and development of new products, ensure long-term supply reliability, and achieve breakthroughs.  

The company has continuously improved the production capabilities of silica and ceria-based abrasives and many products have used such domestically produced abrasives. In the formulated electronic wet chemicals sector, the company has strengthened the supply of products and raw materials. Major breakthrough has been made and some key raw materials have successfully achieved mass production. 


Anji Microelectronics has multiple production sites at Shanghai (Jinqiao District) and Ningbo (Beilun District).

Maintaining a “mission first” work ethic and service attitude, normalizing highly efficient management, and overcoming difficulties brought by recurring outbreaks of the pandemic to ensure the continuation of company business operations and production activities.