Vientiane update | Anji technology Lantern Festival reunion


New Year of the Rabbit Spring Tuanbai 


The golden tiger sent the spring back, and the jade rabbit welcomed the spring. 

 The morning of returning to work, filled with a bright smile, each other a good New Year ! '. The management of Anji Technology has sent new spring wishes to all Anji people, thanking everyone for their hard work in the past year, and encouraging everyone to carry forward the past, unite and struggle in the new year.

Rabbit dance new spring god of fortune blessing 


The old year has a thousand brocade, the New Year more into a hundred feet pole. 

 In the festive atmosphere, all Anji people with high morale, full of mental state to start a new year of work. At this point, the management of Anji Technology, together with the gods of wealth, knocked on gongs and drums to send New Year 's blessings to colleagues in the new site of Zhangjiang and Jinqiao, and carried out the first New Year 's activity.

Qifengli is to welcome the good 


In the laughter, Andji Technology has ushered in its 19th anniversary. 

 To this end, the management prepared a lucrative annual interest is the theme of the Year of the Rabbit bag, with the ' gods of wealth ' together to pass luck. In 2023, the New Year starts a new journey, praying that the wishes of the Anji people will come true, and the fortune will roll in.

The ' Mao ' is full of energy and fresh sail 


A new environment opens a new atmosphere, a new journey meets new challenges, and a new starting point writes a new chapter. 

 The new environment makes all Anji people more motivated, stronger and more aggressive. In the first half of this year, it will be fully settled in the new site of Jinqiao. Anji Technology will enter the next journey with a new attitude, derive more moving chapters, burst out fighting spirit in the struggle and forge ahead, and be full of hope in the vision of the future, so as to inherit the entrepreneurial spirit of Anji people and achieve a greater leap with proud performance.

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