Anji continues to refine the quality of hard-core technology


Recently, in the Shanghai Industrial Technology Innovation Conference with the theme of "innovating the main engine and developing new kinetic energy", Anji Technology was listed on the TOP100 list of Shanghai Hardcore Technology, from 1993 national and municipal enterprise technology centers, listed companies Companies, top 100 emerging industries, and top 100 private manufacturing companies stand out.


Focus on hard technology, open up no-man's land


Since its establishment 18 years ago, Anji Technology has always remained true to its original intention, and has used "hard technology" to help "China Chip".

     R&D intensity is "hard"丨 In 2021, R&D investment will account for 22.30% of operating income. Among the more than 350 employees of Anji Technology, R&D technicians account for more than 40%, and R&D technicians account for more than 40% with masters and doctors. The custom-developed polishing fluid for third-generation semiconductor substrate materials is progressing smoothly and has been recognized by customers at home and abroad.  

Innovative achievements are "hard"丨 As of 2022, Anji Technology has 234 domestic and foreign invention patents, and another 238 invention patent applications have been accepted, ranking 18th among the 66 semiconductor companies listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. And won many honors such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's specialized and special new "Little Giant" enterprise, Shanghai Municipal Enterprise Technology Center, and IC Innovation Achievement Industrialization Award.

The aggregation effect is "hard"丨 Anji Technology's research and development capabilities continue to improve rapidly. While covering all categories of chemical mechanical polishing fluids, it also launched a product line layout of functional wet electronic chemicals, linking upstream and downstream enterprises for win-win cooperation. Expand the adjacent material field, and the business synergy is greatly enhanced.


Unwavering, surnamed Ke, surnamed Chuang


The TOP100 hard-core technology companies are mainly concentrated in the "3+6" industrial system. There are 53 companies belonging to the three leading industries, and 85 companies belonging to the six key industries. The ratio is 37%. The Science and Technology Innovation Board is like a gas station, providing energy for Anji Technology's innovation road in the hard technology track.

At the symposium for companies on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Science and Technology Innovation Board, Li Qiang, Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, pointed out: "In the past three years, with the strong promotion of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and various parties, the Science and Technology Innovation Board has grown from scratch, and the strong magnetic field effect has continued to amplify. The quality of science and technology has become more prominent, and the role of the experimental field has been continuously demonstrated, which has promoted the high-quality economic and social development of Shanghai in recent years."

Anji Technology takes the word "hard" first, firmly holds the lifeblood of technology in its own hands, and constantly strives to deepen the quality of the company's hard-core technology.

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