Good news | Anji Technology won the 5th IC Innovation Award


On July 9th, the "2022 Integrated Circuit Industry Chain Collaborative Innovation and Development Exchange Conference and China Integrated Circuit Innovation Alliance Conference" sponsored by the China Integrated Circuit Innovation Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the "Grand Alliance") will connect the country with on-site and online video held. Hundreds of representatives from enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes from all links of the integrated circuit industry chain attended the meeting. Dr. Wang Shumin, chairman of Anji Technology, and Ms. Jing Jianfen, deputy general manager, were invited to attend.


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Anji won the Achievement Industrialization Award


Anji Technology won the "IC Innovation Award - Achievement Industrialization Award".

China Integrated Circuit Innovation Alliance is a non-profit innovation organization co-sponsored by leading enterprises in the entire integrated circuit industry chain, universities, research institutes and social organizations.

The "Integrated Circuit Industry Technology Innovation Award" (hereinafter referred to as "IC Innovation Award") award ceremony was held at the meeting. Anji Technology's "Industrialization of copper and copper barrier layer polishing solution in 130nm-14nm logic process" won the "IC Innovation Award - Achievement Industrialization Award".

Since 2018, the alliance has established the "IC Innovation Award", which will be reviewed annually thereafter. The "IC Innovation Award" award has a high threshold, strict standards, and high gold content. This honor is based on the high recognition of Anji Technology's innovative research and development and promotion of industrialization development achievements.


Specialized and new

Innovation creates a blueprint for industrialization


Anji Technology regards "innovation drives the future" as the core concept of the company.

Since its inception, it has positioned itself as a one-stop partner in the field of high-end semiconductor materials. It took the lead in selecting chemical mechanical polishing fluids and photoresist removers with high technical and R&D difficulties, and continued to focus on investment.

As early as 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology awarded Anji Technology the second batch of special and new "little giant" enterprises in the country. It aims to commend Anji Technology for its continuous investment in innovative research and development, and has successfully achieved "professional, refined, characteristic development, and strong innovation capabilities."

It successfully broke the monopoly of foreign manufacturers on chemical mechanical polishing fluid in the field of integrated circuits and some functional wet electronic chemicals in the field of semiconductors, and realized import substitution, enabling China to have independent supply capabilities in this field.



Intellectual Property Drives Steady Development


The winning of the "IC Innovation Award" demonstrates the high recognition of the industrial support role and economic value continuously created by Anji Technology in the industry.

Anji Technology has a series of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. The ownership of core technologies is clear. The technology level is internationally advanced or domestically leading. It is mature and widely used in the mass production of the company's products.

Anji Technology broke the monopoly of foreign technology, and successively completed the development and domestic supply of copper and copper barrier layer, tungsten, rare earth cerium oxide, silicon polishing liquid and Cu PERR; cooperated with Changcun for original innovation, and developed the world's only one for Xtacking Polishing fluid product technology contributes to the localization of storage chips.

In the future, Anji Technology will work together with China's integrated circuit industry to accelerate my country's integrated circuit technology innovation and help my country's integrated circuit industry's technological innovation capabilities reach the international leading level.


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